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Tiaras at Satin Bow Bridal

Tiaras, simply by putting one on, make that transition from “A women in a white dress” to “a fairytale princess”. They put the Bride apart from her guests and bridesmaids, singling her out as the special one. They match any gown and really add a touch of glamour to the overall picture.

It does not matter if one is worn with a veil or not and are they are usually accented with crystals or semi-precious stones. Tiaras compliment all hairstyles, upswept as well as both longer and shorter cuts.

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You should choose which style of tiara to wear according to the shape of your face.

You want a tiara to draw attention to your face, but for the right reasons. Getting the wrong style could accentuate precisely the opposite of what you want to achieve, i.e. to thin and long or to round and short.

Facial Shape

  • Round face: To lengthen the appearance of your face, go for a model that has some height or a peak.
  • Long face: With a long face you are going to be looking for either a headband or low tiara. One that is symmetrical going from left to right evenly.
  • Oval face: Care must be taken not to make your face look too long, thus choosing a headband or a side hair comb. If you do go for a tiara, then make sure not to choose a model with too much of a peak, this would have the effect of adding to the perceived height of your face.

What colour suites what dress?

There are 4 simple choices here (if the traditional white dress is to be worn)

  • White dress: Silver or white pearls.
  • Ivory dress: Gold or ivory pearls.
  • Diamond white dress: Gold, silver or white pearls.
  • Champagne or dark ivory dress: Gold or dark ivory pearls.

What style will look best for me?

Here it is simply best to try to match the detail of your dress to that in the tiara. Therefore, if you have floral design to your gown, then look for a tiara with the same. Today’s contemporary, plain white wedding dresses look fantastic with geometric straight lines.

General Styling Tips

  • Match the detail of your dress to your tiara. So if your dress has pearls select a tiara with at least some pearls, likewise if its crystals on your gown then select a headpiece with crystal detailing.
  • A tiara with rhinestones and no pearls will match any wedding dress.
  • A tiara with encrusted with pearls should match either the dress detail or pearl necklace and earrings. Most pearl tiaras go well with off-white or ivory gowns.
  • Be sure to get someone else to take a look and make sure that all the pieces of the bridal garments work together with no single piece overwhelming the rest.
  • Short haired brides obviously want to choose a tiara that won’t require lots of pinning to hold it in place. But then again, the tiara will not be hidden in lots of hair, so they can look at headband style tiaras which are usually lighter and more delicate.

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