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Wedding Veils at Satin Bow Bridal

One of the few occasions on which a Western woman is likely to wear a veil is on her wedding day, following the traditions of a white wedding. Brides used to wear their hair flowing down their back at their wedding to symbolise their virginity, the white veil is said to represent this.

The lifting of the veil was a part of the wedding ritual, symbolising the approval of the the groom for his bride.

The first of our range come from the Bridal Designer, Pronovious, and are all hand made. These complement perfectly the gowns in the White One Collection.

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Satin Bow Bridal is proud to supply a range of veils by Nieve Couture designed to be the highest of luxury and quality, with styles that make brides stand out from the crowd. This collection includes the latest trends and pushes the boundaries of bridal design, breaking new ground in the bridal industry. Nieve Couture only ever use Swarovski crystals for thier products, which gives them a uniquely exquisite look.

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